8-Bit Philsophy

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Episode 1: What is Real? (Plato's Allegory of the Cave)


Episode 2: Does SCIENCE = TRUTH? (Nietzsche's Critique of Science)


Episode 3: Do Humans Operate Like Computers (Kant's Moral Philosophy)


Episode 4: Can We Be Certain of Anything? (Descartes + Cartesian Doubt)


Episode 5: Do We Enjoy Being Free? (Sartre on Bad Faith)


Episode 6: Is Change An Illusion? (Zeno's Paradoxes)


Episode 7: Does Rationality Make Life Meaningful? (Kierkegaard)


Episode 8: Is There an END to History? (Hegel's Philosophy of History


Episode 9: What is Marxism? (Karl Marx's Philosophy of Communism)


Episode 10: Are You Authentic? (Martin Heidegger on Dasein)


Episode 11: Why Shouldn't We Commit Suicide? (Camus's Myth of Sisyphus)


Episode 12: Time is a Flat Circle? (Nietzsche & Eternal Recurrence)


Episode 13: What is Woman? (de Beauvoir & The Second Sex)


Episode 14: What If You Could Get Away With Anything? (Plato + Zelda)


Episode 15: What Determines Goodness? (Kant vs. Mill)


Episode 16: Is A Cat A Cat? (Derrida + Double Dragon)


Episode 17: Who Was Machiavelli? (Niccolo Machiavelli + The Prince)